Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti - Testata per la stampa



The aim of the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti is to promote and safeguard the
sciences, letters and arts and to foster scientific research, also in association with national and
international academies, universities and research centres.
Although the main structure of Istituto life consists of the monthly members' academic
meetings, the events promoted, taking place with an almost daily frequency, are very wide
ranging and conducted with various means of organisation and communication. They are part
of a vast project promoting activities of advanced research, training and programmes of wide
The research activities involve participation in European projects, the creation and
management of databases (environmental, meteorological, satellite images) and research
projects for the publication of sources (critical edition of the Registers of the Senate of the
Venetian Republic).
Special attention is devoted to the sector of scientific information, with broad use of the web,
and often in association with public television broadcasters. The Istituto, which has for years
been at the forefront in the use of new technologies, has in this context decided to make the
audio and video recordings of its activities free to the public via its own website to allow a
large number of people to access a constantly growing wealth of cultural assets.
Training activities involve the annual organisation of various post-doctorate international
schools, with highly specialised courses and meetings organised specifically for secondary
Study meetings are regularly held in order to encourage contacts and dialogue between
scientists from different countries and specialists in different disciplines, based on the Istituto's
consolidated experience in the organisation of seminars, conferences and open discussions
between experts.
Furthermore, the Istituto annually awards scientific and literary prizes to finance research. A
magazine, numerous series and various monographic books are published by the Istituto each
year, and works are now also published on DVD.
Every year, art and scientific exhibitions are held in the Istituto's premises. A significant part of
the Istituto's activities takes place on the basis of agreements made with universities and
international research centres.

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