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Bruno Chiarellotto

Bruno Chiarellotto
Professore ordinario di Geometria nell'Universitą di Padova 

- s.c.r. 23 aprile 2013, s.e.eletto il 3 dicembre 2020.

Bruno R.Chiarellotto born in Cornuda (TV-Italy) August 16th, 1961
Married: Eloisa Michela Detomi, Two sons: Paolo and Marco.
Direttore of Dipartimento di Matematica "Tullio Levi-Civita", Univ. Padova
Laurea in Matematica Padova 1985.
PhD in Matematica (Z.Mebkhout-M.Cornalba advisors) 1989; Rome.
1987-89: C.N.R. scholarship Universite' de Paris VII
1989-91: Visiting research fellow and research fellow, Princeton University.
1992-3 Visiting Professor at U.C. Berkeley .
1994 Professor Geometry, Engineering Faculty Padova.
1995-7 Visiting Professor at Strasbourg and Paris Nord.
1997 Professore Ordinario in Geometry, Padova.
1997-2009 he has been invited as visiting professor in the universities of Hiroshima,
Rennes, Paris Nord, Madrid, Paris VI.
-2001-2009: Director of the Graduate school in Mathematics Padova
-2003 Invited Professor Weizmann Institut Rehovot
- 2009-2015 local coordinator for the international PhD programme Erasmusmundus-doc "ALGANT-DOC"
-2010 JSPS Fellow, Tohoku Univ. Sendai.
-2014 February, Invited Member IHES Paris.
-2014-2018 In charge of the Erasmus mundus Master "ALGANT" (Padova, Leiden,
Paris, Bordeaux, Milan, Essen, Regensburg)
- 2013-2017 Several appointments as Invited professor in Tokyo Univ. (Komaba).
-2018 November, Organizer ( Niziol, Colmez, Chiarellotto) Oberwolfach Sem.
"Syntomic Cohomology and p-adic Hodge Theory".
-2019 January, Invited Member IHES, Paris
He has been invited for seminars, or short visits or during conferences at the
universities of Paris VI and Institut H. Poincarč, Kyoto, Barcellona, Tokyo,
Chiba,Nagoya, Minneapolis, Cambridge e Oxford,Caen, Nice, Groningen, Luminy,
Muenster, Weizmann Inst., Tohoku, ENS Lyon,Pisa, Nairobi, Imperial College,
Sendai, Hiroshima, Strasbourg. Recently: plenary speaker to Belgian-Dutch
Algebraic Geometry Conference (Leuven 2016), Fukuoka International Conference
on Arithmetic Geometry (April 2017), CIRM conference "p-adic Analytic Geometry
and Differential Equations" (March 2017), "Crystals and Geometry in ch. p" (TU
Munchen, April 2018)
-2015: Bressanone lectures on "Field of norms" during "Perfectoid Spaces" Summer
-2014 Dobbiaco lectures on " Clemens Schmidt exact sequence" during
"Monodromy summer school.
-2011 Bressanone lectures on "Weil Cohomologies and Bloch-Ogus axioms.
System of realizations and compatibilities" during "Cohomology theories: a road
-2009 Luminy, a series of lectures: "An invitation to p-adic differential equations" 
during the the summer school " Arithmetic and Galois theory of differential
- He has been teaching PhD courses or series of lectures organized as course at
the universities of Milano, Padova, Nagoya, Hiroshima e Rennes.
-PhD students: Fornasiero(2004), Pulita(2006) (co-tutele Parigi), Ciccioni(2010),
Trentinaglia(2007), Settimi (2010). G.Hernandez-Mada (2015 cotutele BordeauxMontreal), P.Gatti (cotutele Univ. Leuven 2019). Ongoing PhD students: Y.Nakada.
Local Coordinator for Padova node of national projects MIUR-PRIN 2017 "
Geometric, Algebraic and Analityc methods in arithmetic", MIUR-PRIN 2015 "Number
theory and arithmetic geometry"
Univ. Padova Project 2015, CPDA159224/15 "Vanishing cycles, irregularity and
Coordinator of the national project MIUR-PRIN 2010-11 "Arithmetic Algebraic
geometry and number theory".
Local coordinator for Padova node of the National Project PRIN-MIUR:
2002,2004,2006,2008. Member of the EC network "Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry"
HCM and RTN (1994-2006). He won a grant from the Cariparo Fondation
"Cariparo-Eccellenza" for the project "Differential methods in algebra, geometry and
number theory" period 2009-2012. In charge for the Padova node 2006-2009 of the
JSPS (Japan) project Core-to-Core "New Developments of Arithmetic Geometry,
Motive, Galois Theory, and Their Practical Applications".
Organization of conferences:
- "Hodge Theory", Venice San Servolo 19-24 june, 2006.
-"Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry" Cetraro 7-13 october 2007"
- "p-adic differential equations , Bressanone 6-9 september 2008"
- Workshop on formal, algebraic and rigid geometry, Padova 7 may 2010
- "Log-Conference" Bordeaux, june 22-25 2010
- "Berkovich spaces and differential equations" Strasbourg 8-11 november 2010
- "From p-adic differential equations to arithmetic algebraic geometry", Padova 3-5
february 2011
- On the Scientific Commitee of the " 27th Journees Arithmetiques", 2011 Vilnius
- "Cohomology theories: a road map". Summer School Brixen 12-17 september 2011
-"Higher structure in algebraic analysis" Padova 10-21 february 2014.
- "Monodromy" Summer school Dobbiaco (IT), june 23-28, 2014.
-"Perfectoid Spaces" Summer School Brixen (IT) 1-4 september 2015.
-"Over and Around sites in ch.p" Padova 15-18 september 2019.
-INdAM special period "p-adic Langlands program" (Padova, may 12-july 12, 2019)
He acts as referee for research projects in USA (AMS), France(ANR), Belgium,
Holland, Israel.
Others: He has been indicated in a short list by the Italian Foreign Ministery as 
scientific "attache'" at the Italian Embassy in Beijing.
 His main field of interest is arithmetic algebraic geometry: more specifically
compatibilities between various reaiisations. He has published 32 articles in
International Journals. His h-index is 8. 

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