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Thomas Stocker

Thomas Stocker
Professor of Climate and Environmental Physics - University of Bern.

- s.s. eletto il 13 giugno 2022

Born in Zürich on 1 July 1959, citizen of Zürich and Büron (LU). Married, two adult daughters.
Education and Academic Degrees
1987 Doctor of Natural Sciences, ETH Zürich
1987 License to teach College Physics
1984 Diploma with honours in Natural Sciences, ETH Zürich
1978 - 1984 Environmental Physics, ETH Zürich
Professional Appointments
since 1993 Professor of Climate and Environmental Physics, Physics Institute, University of Bern
Division Head of Climate and Environmental Physics (currently 66 members)
2016 Visiting Professor International Pacific Research Centre, University of Hawai'i, Manoa
1991 - 1993 Associate Research Scientist, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University,
Palisades, New York, USA
1989 - 1991 Swiss National Science Foundation Research Fellow, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
1987 - 1988 Visiting Scientist, Department of Mathematics, University College, London, England
1985 - 1987 Research Assistant, Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology, ETH Zürich.
Institutional Responsibilities
2022 - Member of the Strategic Board of Ice Memory
2021 - Member of the Scientific Advisory Panel World Meteorological Organization
2019 - Member of the Scientific Steering Committee BeyondEPICA: Oldest Ice
2018 - Member of the Nomination Committee Revelle Medal of the American Geophysical Union
2017 - President of Oeschger Centre of Climate Change Research, University of Bern
2017 - 2020 Chair of the Science and Technology Advisory Board, Swiss Polar Institute
2016 - Chair of the GCOS Switzerland Steering Group
2014 - Chair of the Advisory Board Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (re-elected for third term)
2013 - Expert Group on Climate Change reporting to the Minister of the Interior of Switzerland (OcCC)
2009 - 2013 Director, National Centre of Competence in Research, NCCR Climate
United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
2008 - 2015 Co-Chair IPCC Working Group I: The Physical Science Basis
2003 - 2007 Coordinating Lead Author Working Group I, Chapter 10
1998 - 2001 Coordinating Lead Author Working Group I, Chapter 7
Current Research Projects
2021 - 2024 SNF: Climate and Environmental Physics: PleistoCEP2, 1'309'536.-
2019 - 2025 Beyond EPICA - Oldest Ice Core: The Swiss Contribution, CHF 5'699'940.-
2019 - 2023 European Commission H2020: TiPES: Tipping Points in the Earth System, CHF 496'960.-
2017 - 2021 SNF: Climate and Environmental Physics: PleistoCEP, 1'600'000.-
2017 - 2020 Prince Albert II de Monaco: Rapid Access Drill for Ice X-Traction (RADIX), CHF 259'613.-
2016 - 2019 SNF: EGRIP: The Swiss Contribution, CHF 985'895.-
2015 - 2017 SNF: Climate and Environmental Physics, CHF 2'400'000.-

Supervision of Young Researchers
Since 1993 I have supervised 35 postdoctoral fellows, 31 PhD students and 30 MSc students. 11 now hold academic positions in the rank of Professor in various countries internationally (USA, Chile, UK, Norway, Denmark, France), and in Switzerland (2 at ETHZ).
Teaching Activities
I teach undergraduate Physics 2, Atomic Physics, Introduction to Climate and Environmental Physics, Introduction to Climate Modelling and I organize the Seminar on Climate and Environmental Physics since 1993. I each regularly at national and international summer schools.
Organisation of Conferences
2015 - 2017 Member of the Local Organizing Committee 10. International Carbon Dioxide Conference
2007 - 2015 Organization of all Workshops and Expert Meetings of IPCC Working Group I
Honorary Degrees
2016 Doctor Honoris Causa, ETH Zürich
2006 Doctor Honoris Causa, Université de Versailles, France
Honorary Membership
2022 Foreign Member of the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti
2019 Member German Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina
2016 Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
2015 Foreign Member of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Italy
2012 Fellow of the American Geophysical Union
2004 Corresponding Member Academy of Science and Literature, Mainz
1998 Member of Academia Europaea
2020 Prix de la Belgica, Académie Royale de Belgique
2017 Swiss Science Award Marcel Benoist
2017 Petersen Exzellenz Professur, Geomar Kiel
2009 Hans Oeschger Medal of the European Geosciences Union
1993 National Latsis Prize of the Swiss National Science Foundation
1987 Medal of ETH Zurich for excellent PhD Thesis
1985 Medal of ETH Zurich for excellent Diploma Thesis
Other Distinctions
2018 Highly Cited Researcher, Thomson Reuters
2017 Highly Cited Researcher, Thomson Reuters
2016 Highly Cited Researcher, Thomson Reuters
2015 Highly Cited Researcher, Thomson Reuters
2014 Highly Cited Researcher, Thomson Reuters
Basic Bibilographic Information ISI Web of Science
ISI Web of Science (accessed 9.4.2022, search for "stocker tf or stocker t" and "zurich or london or montreal or palisades or bern or berne" and "1986-2022", excluding Meeting Abstract, Biographical Item): 257 publications, 28,207 citations, h=79; 63 papers >=100 citations of which 9 first authored.


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