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Stefan Grundmann

Stefan Grundmann
Professore ordinario di Diritto privato transnazionale nell'Istituto universitario europeo di Firenze (alumnus)
Professore ordinario di Diritto privato e commerciale nell'Università Humboldt di Berlino

- s.s. eletto il 27 giugno 2023

Stefan Grundmann (* 1958) is married, with three children. He is doctor of law and doctor of philosophy and full professor since 1995.

He has held the chair for German, European and International Private and Business Law at Humboldt-University since 2004. As of September 2013, he is professor for transnational law at the European University Institute (Florence), retaining, however, also the chair at Humboldt University, since 2018 part-time professor at the EUI when he returned to Humboldt. 

He currently served as dean of Humboldt Law School in the last years (2020-22).

He has been visiting professor at King's College London (1999-2012), at the Rome I University (2001), 'La Sapienza' and LUISS (2001), at Oxford and Cambridge University (2007 and 2009) at Herzlya University (Tel-Aviv), at N.Y.U. and Harvard University (2011), then Global Hauser Law Professor at N.Y.U. (2014) and visiting professor at Columbia University (2017) for one term. Early in 2022, he has been elevated ('knighted') to Cavaliere del'Ordine della Stella d'Italia, the Italian equivalent to "Légion d'honneur'.

Stefan Grundmann is founding president and current president of the Society of European Contract Law (SECOLA). This society has discussed - on an annual basis - all key issues of this core area of European Private Law, European Contract Law, including the agenda of an Optional European Codification of this area. It has done so since its creation back in 2000.
Stefan Grundmann is also co-founder and president (of the steering committee) of the European Law School (Berlin/London/Paris/Rome/Amsterdam/Athens/Lisbon/Madrid). This network, now a Strategic Partnership under EU Funding regimes, is the sole network in Europe offering a curriculum which combines fully fledged national degree (in the home country) with European education (two masters) and annual summer schools. It now extends into doctoral schools and research and thus creates a stable network for all traditional university activities for law and the social sciences in Europe.
Stefan Grundmann is board member of the German Association of Comparative Law and in Charge of its Sections on "Theory and Foundations of the Law" (since 2012), as of 2022 Vice-president of the association. Moreover, he is member of the European Law Institute and was also member of its council.
Finally, Stefan Grundmann is or was director of several institutes in the universities where he holds or held chairs - creating among others, also the first law & business curriculum at Martin-Luther-University (running now in its 26th year). 

His research interests include contract law, company and banking law, legal theory, always including comparative and European Private Law. His publications include European Contract Law (1999), European Company Law (2004, 2007, 2011/12, 2022/23), Banking Law (two volumes) (2015-18, 2020/21) and several other commentaries on banking and German contract law - all books and commentaries in German, European Company Law also in English (2007) and Chinese (2017). He has published substantially on legal theory, namely pluralist interdisciplinary law theory, including the New Private Law Theory with Cambridge University Press (2021) and several edited books in this area with OUP on contract governance, decision theories and the law and other contributions in this area. He is (co-)editor of several journals including the European Review of Contract Law (editor-in-chief).

He has been offered full chairs / first listed at the following universities: Frankfurt/Oder
(1994), Regensburg (1995), Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg (1995), Erlangen-Nuremberg (2000), Humboldt-University, Berlin (2003/04), Vienna University (2010), European University Institute (2012/13 - offer renewed in 2018, but rejected). He has accepted the offers in Halle, Erlangen, Berlin and Florence.

His main / most recent publications include:
- Europäisches Schuldvertragsrecht - das Europäische Recht der Unternehmensgeschäfte (nebst Texten und Materialien zur Rechtsangleichung), Berlin / New York (de Gruyter) 1999 (1186 pages + LXVI pages) (ZGR-Separatum 15) (first overall commentary on European Contract Law that first developed in the 1990ies)
- Europäisches Gesellschaftsrecht - eine systematische Darstellung unter Einbeziehung des Kapitalmarktrechts, 2nd edn. Heidelberg (C.F.Müller) 2011 (728 + 50 pages) - European Company Law - Organization, Finance and Capital Markets, Antwerp/Oxford (Intersentia) 2nd edn. 2012 (950 + 55 pages) - 3rd edn. in preparation for 2023 (earlier editions 2004 et seqq.)
- European Company Law I - Foundations, Corporate Governance and Accounting Law + European Company Law II - Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisition, European Corporation and Bankruptcy Law - 2 volumes Chinese, Beijing (China Law Press) 2018
- Bankvertragsrecht - Band 1: Grundlagen und Commercial Banking, Berlin/Boston, de Gruyter, 2020 (XXIX + p. 1-780 + 1229-1266) (p. 781-1228 Moritz Renner)
- Bankvertragsrecht - Band 2: Investmentbanking, Berlin/Boston, de Gruyter, 2021 (XXXI + p. 1-809 + 1227-1546) (p. 809-1226 Florian Möslein / Jens Binder) (earlier editions 2001 et seqq.)
- New Private Law Theory - A Pluralist Approach, Cambridge (Cambridge University Press) 2021 (with Hans Micklitz and Moritz Renner) (541 pages)
- an important number of edited books dedicated to system building in Europe and namely applied broadly social sciences treatises on core questions of European Law
development, namely:
o Systembildung und Systemlücken in Kerngebieten des Europäischen Privatrechts -Gesellschaftsrecht, Arbeitsrecht, Schuldvertragsrecht, Tübingen (Mohr-Siebeck) 2000 (724 + XXXIV pages)
o Party Autonomy and the Role of Information in the Internal Market, Berlin / New York (de Gruyter) 2001 (with Wolfgang Kerber and Stephen Weatherill; XXV + 397 pages)
o Contract Governance: Dimensions in Law and Interdisciplinary Research, Oxford (Oxford University Press) 2015 (with Florian Möslein / Karl Riesenhuber, 473 pages)
o Theories of Choice. The Law and Social Science of Decision Making, Oxford, (Oxford University Press), 2021 (with Philipp Hacker, 333 pages)
- ... and the whole series of edited books of the Society of European Contract Law (Secola), approx. 15 volumes on topics such as Constitutional Values and European Contract Law (2008), Financial Services, Financial Crisis and General European Contract Law (2011), the Optional European Code (2002 and 2012), the Organizational Contract (2013), European Contract Law in the Digital Age (2017) , European Contract Law and the Creation of Norms (2020) and European Contract Law and Sustainability (the last one in print).
- ... and as a general editor of the whole series of edited books on European Law areas in the series Ius Communitatis (German and English, in part Chinese).
He is also one of three editors of the largest and oldest Commercial Law Commentary in Germany, the so-called Staub'scher Großkommentar and (co-)editor of the following
journals: European Review of Contract Law (ERCL), de Gruyter (editor-in-chief); European Business Law Journal (Kluwer) (co-editor); International and Comparative Corporate Law Journal (Kluwer) (co-editor); Bank-und Kapitalmarktrecht (BKR) (Beck) (co-editor).

The full list of publications can be found on his Humboldt homepage.


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