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Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti - Testata per la stampa

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XVIII School Of Pure And Applied Biophysics on

Nanomechanics in biomolecular adhesion

XVIII School Of Pure And Applied Biophysics

January 27th - 31st, 2014

Organised by:
SIBPA - Società Italiana di Biofisica Pura e Applicata
IVSLA - Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti

Director of the School
Giorgio M. Giacometti (IVSLA and University of Padua)

Meeting venue
The School will be held in the magnificent Palazzo Franchetti, located in the historical centre of Venice.
Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti is the conference center of the "Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti" (IVSLA) Venetian Institute for Sciences, Humanities and Arts.

Aim of the school
Cell adhesion to matrix, other cells, or pathogens plays a pivotal role in many crucial biological processes. Early macroscopic methods of quantifying  adhesion led to the development of quantitative models of cell adhesion and migration. The more recent use of sensitive probes to manipulate adhesion proteins has quantified the necessary forces modulating the intermolecular adhesion, and revealed much greater functional diversity respect to population average measurements of cell adhesion. The school will treat theoretical and experimental methods that proved to be useful in identifying force-dependent molecular properties that are central to the biological activity of adhesion proteins.

Maximum 30 students will be admitted to the school.
A poster session will be held for students to present their activity.
The participation fee is 350 Euro which includes five nights' accommodation and attendance at the lessons.
The fee for students who do not need night's accommodation is 165 Euros.
Applicants are admitted to the school by the Scientific Committee based on the information provided on the application form (short curriculum). The results of the selection will be individually communicated by e-mail (or phone).
Payment must be performed within two weeks of notification of admission.
Applications are encouraged from all young scientists (PhD students and post doctors) interested in the topics of the school.

Deadline for registration: 31/12/2013



This year the school is co-sponsored by:
European project NeuroScaffolds
Olympus Microscopy

Laurent Blanchoin - iRTSV, CEA, Grenoble (France)
Fernando Brandi - IIT, Genova (Italy)
Claudio Canale - IIT, Genova (Italy)
Marco Capitanio - LENS, Firenze (Italy)
Lorenzo Cingolani - IIT, Genova (Italy)
Dan Cojoc - IOM-CNR, Trieste (Italy)
Andras Czirok - Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary
Paolo Facci - IBF-CNR (Italy)
Paola Gavazzo - IBF-CNR, Genova (Italy)
Emanuela Jacchetti - NEST, Pisa (Italy)
Miklos Kellermayer - Semmelweis University, Budapest (Hungary)
Alessandro Laio - SISSA, Trieste (Italy)
Sabata Martino - University of Perugia (Italy)
Daniel Navajas - Unit of Biophysics and Bioengineering, University of Barcelona (Spain)
Michael Pusch - IBF-CNR, Genova (Italy)
Pere Roca-Cusachs - Univ. of Barcelona (Spain)
Antonio Sasso - Univ. Napoli Federico II (Italy)
Vincent Torre - SISSA, Trieste (Italy)
Livia Visai - Univ. Pavia, Pavia (Italy)
Tomaso Zambelli - ETH, Zurich (Switzerland)

Scientific Committee
Dan Cojoc - IOM-CNR, Trieste (Italy)
Francesco Difato - IIT, Genova (Italy)
Giorgio M. Giacometti - IVSLA and University of Padua
Miklos Kellermayer - Semmelweis University, Budapest (Hungary)
Daniel Navajas - Unit of Biophysics and Bioengineering, University of Barcelona (Spain)
Vincent Torre - SISSA, Trieste (Italy)
Massimo Vassalli - IBF-CNR, Genova (Italy)
Livia Visai - Univ. Pavia e Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri, Pavia (Italy)


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