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Marcella Bonchio

Marcella Bonchio
Professoressa ordinaria di Chimica organica nell'UniversitÓ di Padova

- s.c.r. eletta il 27 giugno 2023

Marcella Bonchio is Full Professor of Organic Chemistry at the Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Padua, where she served as Vice-rector of Research in the years 2015-2021. She is the Scientific Coordinator of the National Research Council, Institute of Membrane Technology, (ITM-CNR), section of PADUA. She received the Ph.D. in Organic Physical Chemistry in 1993, also attending Brown University laboratories (RI, USA). In the post-doctoral period she was associate researcher at the laboratories of Prof. John T. Groves in Princeton (NJ, USA). She is involved in national and international projects that have attracted European funding, including EU projects and the prestigious MCSA Individuals Fellowships. Her research interests focus on bio-inspired photo-catalytic processes, functional nanomaterials and reaction mechanisms. Her contribution in the field of molecular metal oxides concerns the design of new methods for the synthesis and self-assembly of dynamic and photo-reactive supramolecular structures that mimic the function of natural photosystems. She was awarded the 2011 National Research Award of the Italian Chemical Society (SCI), and the Lombardy International Award is Research 2021 (1ME) for her innovative vision on artificial photosynthesis materials and processes. She was elected member of European A cademy of Sciences (EurASc) in 2020. She has collaborated in the scientific committees of international journals (EuJIC (Wiley) ChemSuSChem (Wiley), Chem (CellPress)) and of major conferences including: EUROPACAT- 2017, ICOMC-2018, 1 EUROPEAN CONGRESS ON PHOTOSYNTHESYS RESEARCH-2018, International Scientific Committee for INTERNATIONAL SOLAR FUEL CONFERENCE -2019, ICCC-2022. She has published> 170 scientific papers (hindex = 48 > 8K citations).


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